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University College London and Global Silicon Valley Labs Launch the world's first Global Online EdTech Accelerator

29th November 2019

LONDON, ENGLAND - University College London (UCL) Institute of Education the world’s number one for Education in QS subject rankings, and GSVlabs, a global innovation services company headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, today announced a strategic collaboration to extend the reach globally of UCL EDUCATE, the premier research and business training program for edtech startups in London. 

UCL EDUCATE will now use GSVlabs’ Passport platform to offer a digital, scalable, and transformative learning experience to deliver critical research and business skills to any aspiring edtech entrepreneurs anywhere in the world. This new technology platform -- UCL EDUCATE Digital -- combines and delivers expertise in educational research methodology and business development to support entrepreneurs wishing to make a  lasting impact in education around the globe. It also includes access to a global entrepreneurship community, venture capital from across the world, UK-based and international mentors and resources to help build a global education technology entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

Edtech entrepreneurs anywhere in the world can subscribe to UCL EDUCATE Digital, a rigorous and comprehensive training program designed to help startups and educators enhance and deliver their products and services with a focus on pedagogical research. Developed by GSVlabs in partnership with UCL, UCL EDUCATE Digital will also include a network of , mentors, and perks offered by global public and private organizations, to build local capabilities, create a vibrant edtech entrepreneurship ecosystem and help entrepreneurs take their startup from idea to market. 

“Our ambition at EDUCATE is to be at the forefront of designing and developing pioneering edtech, to revolutionize how teachers teach and students learn -- and to ensure that the UK continues to lead the way in edtech globally. This partnership with GSVlabs expands our program globally, provides unprecedented access to Silicon Valley and starts to create a very solid foundation for a thriving global edtech innovation ecosystem,” said Professor Rose Luckin, founding director of UCL EDUCATE.   “We have had unprecedented demand internationally for our accelerator and previously we’ve had to turn away applicants from our London program. Now, with EDUCATE Digital, we can support edtech entrepreneurs anywhere in the world to build products that are grounded in research evidence for effective teaching and learning.”

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UCL EDUCATE has already worked with  270 companies, and will be provided founders access to UCL EDUCATE Digital as well. The program already boasts a waiting list of over 400 edtech entrepreneurs the world over, keen to sign up. Spanish retail bank, Santander universities have awarded UCL EDUCATE with a 3 year financial donation to support the  development and ongoing support of UCL EDUCATE Digital. Santander Universities formed a partnership with University College London in 2007 and since then have provided in excess of £1,600,000 of funding which has supported over 1,100 individual recipients and start–ups.


“As emerging technologies transform societies, and digital communities make distances irrelevant, access and connectivity to a global innovation ecosystem are distinct advantages that can set entrepreneurs on a differentiated and accelerated pathway to progress,” said Dr. Nikhil Sinha, CEO of GSVlabs. “We are excited by the potential of breakthrough educational technology and the impact it can have on individual learning.  Our partnership with UCL EDUCATE in powering the world’s first digital edtech accelerator program is a key achievement and we are committed to UCL’s vision of creating a community of edtech entrepreneurs worldwide working towards a preferred future for education.”

UCL EDUCATE Digital is available to edtech entrepreneurs today.


UCL EDUCATE Digital is the world’s first digital EdTech accelerator program. UCL EDUCATE Digital builds and develops world-class EdTech products that deliver transformational impact across the education landscape for both teachers and learners in academic, corporate and public sector contexts. The accelerator combines expertise in education research methods and business venture development to support entrepreneurs aspiring to disrupt and impact education.  EdTech entrepreneurs and innovators accelerate building EdTech products that are marketable, profitable and impactful.


Global Silicon Valley Labs - GSVlabs - is a worldwide innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley with over 8,500 members, 800 startups, 200 mentors, 450 investors and 75 enterprise partners in our network. Our mission is to create the world’s premier global innovation platform - empowering entrepreneurs and democratizing innovation around the world. We create powerful network effects by supporting entrepreneurs, accelerating startups and enabling innovation in the world’s largest companies. We catalyse the world’s innovation ecosystem, and through our new digital platform GSV Passport connect Silicon Valley to the World and the World to Silicon Valley.

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Sabah Baxamoosa, Director of Business Development

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Professor Rose Luckin, Founding Director UCL EDUCATE  Email: 

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