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Passport Weekly: Attend a Tech Conference, Leave with a VC Deal

1st March 2020

Written by GSVlabs Community Manager, Gina Hornung

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Attend a Tech Conference, Leave with a VC Deal

Tech conferences are the ideal situation for founders to network, meet potential investors, partners, customers, etc. But, if you're going into a conference hoping for specific results, you need to approach specific goals. Imagine going to a conference, meeting an investor, and closing a deal in one fell swoop - does this specific situation sound ideal to you? If so, the article below is a great starting point for do's and don'ts of attending a tech conference, with the hope of making a VC deal. 


How to Make a Deal with a VC at a Tech Conference

If you've done your homework, it's easier to get past the firewall. 

Are the schmooze sessions, after-parties and secret dinners with investors that take place during tech conferences mere distractions, or are these events an opportunity for founders to close a deal?

Which parties should you attend? How do you get in? And above all, what outcome are you working toward? Read more >>>


YC Just Published a 70-page Series A Guide So Founders Don't Tank Their Own Prospects

This morning, Y Combinator  is publishing a 70-page Series A guide based on its work with 190 YC companies over the last couple of years. It’s part of an initiative launched in 2018 to help these alums understand how Series A rounds work — and how to make them work to their advantage. Read More >>>


Paul Graham's Firm Opinion on User Reach

A lot of startups depend on high level deals with big companies who have a large reach, in order to expand their own startup's user reach. Paul Graham stands firmly against this and people are weighing in. Take a look at the Twitter thread that followed his statement. Read More >>>

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New Mentors on Passport

Heather Delaney: Founder, Managing Director at Gallium Ventures

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