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GSVlabs Partners with SVAM for the Entrepreneurship World Cup 

July 2019

In the last couple of years, outsourcing product development has exploded, nearly doubling in size over the last 2 decades. Much of this is due to the lack of engineers in any given region, but there are other reasons as well, like more advanced tech requiring specialized engineers with experience in specific industries. As products continue to become more and more complex, founders are having to tackle bigger and bigger issues, which in turn creates the need for specific expertise. Development partners play a big role in filling this gap, and are able to do so seamlessly with the help of many new communication tools.

Image by Annie Spratt

It’s no secret that finding a technical co-founder is hard, not to mention finding additional engineers. Enter: development partners. These are the folks who have large teams of engineers that can act as your own engineering team without breaking the bank. These are by no means a replacement for a technical co-founder, CTO, or engineering team, but they can be instrumental in helping founders get off the ground with a product that’s ready for the market, or at the very least demo-able. 


Often times the decision is not whether or not you should use a development partner, but rather who the right development partner is for you and your business. The first thing to think about is what type of model you are going to use. The three most common models are fixed cost, dedicated resource, and hourly. 

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The next thing to think about is what level of expertise you need, and in most cases, it’s best to go with a larger, well-established firm, as they will have both breadth and depth. Firms like SVAM offer a wide range of benefits, such as flexible delivery models that align with your dynamic environment by auto-scaling development teams, and they have these development teams located all over the world.

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SVAM is offering startups in the GSV network an 8%-10% discount on their services, helping GSVlabs companies access global resources at optimal price points. The average realized cost savings of SVAM clients IS 15%-40% annually, and we could not be more excited to offer this resource to the GSVlabs community. 

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Join us for the Entrepreneurship World Cup to learn more about SVAM and see the best startups from all over the US compete for over $100k in prizes, plus the chance to pitch at the EWC Global Finals in November, where they can win $5M in cash and investment. 

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