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Trends Impacting the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

 Raj Rao is an entrepreneurial leader who specializes in the design, launch, and scale-up of new business models. Raj has experience as the CEO at Ford Smart Mobility LLC, as General Manager of Industry Platforms at IBM and as the Vice President of Digital Business Model Innovation at 3M. IBM's Industry platforms include blockchain, AI and cloud architecture aimed at transforming business models, enhancing customer engagement and building trust in transactions through industrywide collaboration frameworks.

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Panel: Collaboration, Capacity, Regulation

What Drives Innovation in Mobility

The Future of Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

FireSide Chat: 

Building an Ecosystem that Encourages Both Social Impact and Profit

 Veronica Juarez works as the Area Vice President for Social Enterprise for Lyft in San Francisco, committed to solving the transportation challenges of non-profit organizations and social service organizations. Veronica was the first government relations hire for Lyft and in two years worked to build the government relations team and the foundational structure for Lyft's long term policy and regulatory success.

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Jonah Houston

Creative Director at Ford Motor Company's Greenfield Mobility Labs

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Matthew Hall

Vice President of Business Development at Peloton Technology

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Kofi Asante

Head of Strategy & Business Development at Uber Freight and Elroy Air

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Lidia Yan

Co-Founder and CEO at NEXT Trucking


Startup Founders


Russell Jones

CEO at CargoChief

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Su Ryeo Oh

CEO at Stratio


Ali Raza

CEO at ThroughPut

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