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Coworking Partnership with Croissant 
11th June 2019

Written by GSVlabs Community Manager, Gina Hornung

We’re very excited to announce the new partnership between GSVlabs and Croissant, the platform that simplifies finding a coworking space on the go.

Our purpose at GSVlabs is to not only provide locations for tech companies to rent office space, but to develop a true community where startups, as well as educators, corporations, mentors, and investors, can come together on common ground - creating positive change through innovation. The vision we continue to work toward is for GSVlabs to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and the World.

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 4.04.23 PM.png

A partnership with Croissant is a perfect fit because our innovation centers offer a range of options for traveling entrepreneurs and distributed teams alike. Our hot desk space and numerous conference rooms are great for the founder on the go, though we also offer private offices and longer-term memberships as well for the growing company. And now, more than ever, GSVlabs is an excellent option for startups anywhere, anytime, because our memberships are now available worldwide through our new digital platform, GSV Passport.

In the spring of 2018, Nikhil Sinha joined GSVlabs as CEO, with the belief that the biggest obstacle in developing the global innovation ecosystem was the lack of access to entrepreneurship and innovation-related resources and networks. He saw the challenge entrepreneurs face in connecting with investors, corporate customers, and the global entrepreneurial community. With Nikhil’s vision to democratize innovation globally, we needed to expand our reach.


In January of 2019, we launched GSV Passport, where entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the globe can engage with one another, and easily utilize and share the tools they find most valuable. Members of GSV Passport gain instant access to our dynamic network of founders, mentors, and investors, and are connected to resources including over $500k in discounted services from over 60 preferred partners, and hundreds of templates and guides. GSV Passport is our way of providing entrepreneurs all over the globe with the best tools to grow their businesses, and we’re thrilled that our global network is growing daily.

Croissant makes finding the right workspace like GSVlabs innovation centers really simple, allowing users to search for available offices nearby, check in for instant access, and get right to work!

Because we’re so excited to have partnered with Croissant, we would like to offer Croissant members 25% off annual GSV Passport memberships! You can find the code and redeem the benefit via Croissant's Perks platform.

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