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Why Brex is THE Credit Card for Startups

6th August 2019

Written by GSVlabs and Brex

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Sign-ups Made Simple

Brex for startups protects founders’ assets, as the only credit card that does not require a personal guarantee, credit scores, or security deposits, which already eliminates steps that become roadblocks for many. Brex continues to simplify the sign-up process with instant approvals. Once you’re approved you can use your virtual card instantly and will be a physical cardholder within 3-5 business days. Worry less and scale sooner! 

Fraud Prevention You Can Trust

Because Brex is powered by Mastercard, the network with best-in-class 24/7 fraud monitoring, founders can trust that their startup’s financing is secure. With Brex for startups, cardholders are never liable for unauthorized transactions, and because it’s not a debit card, they can’t withdraw cash, further upping the security of your Brex account.

Game-Changing Perks & Rewards

Brex rewards stand out from any other startup credit card option. Perks of being a Brex cardholder include worldwide access as part of the World Elite Mastercard program (accepted in 200+ countries) and no foreign transaction fees. If you’re traveling internationally, there’s no need to set up travel alerts - simply use your card wherever you are! The exclusive Brex Rewards program offers innovative benefits that are unparalleled to other card companies. For example, while Amex offers a 1.5x maximum back, Brex offers higher rewards in even more categories 7x on rideshare, 4x on travel, 3x on restaurants, 2x on SAS, and 1x on everything else. 

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Brex & GSVlabs

Brex is offering startups in the GSV network a minimum cash balance of $10,000 with all other fees waived, a staggering 90% reduction from standard minimum cash balance. Brex Rewards are focused on products and services startups need most (software, office food, computing) and offer limits that are 10-20x higher than other cards. Brex also comes with embedded expense management features.  This makes Brex perfect for tech companies and early-stage startups. 

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