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New on GSV Passport: Startup Pitches

3rd December 2019

Written by GSVlabs Community Manager, Gina Hornung

An exciting new resource is live on Passport! Startup Pitches is a new section where you can browse through videos of some of the most popular startup pitches, or search by company category. Next to each video you’ll see the amount of funding the companies had acquired at the time each video was filmed, to indicate how early on these pitches were taking place. You may recognize some of them as companies that have flourished since. 

Image by Teemu Paananen


Hustle, the text messaging platform may sound familiar to you. They currently have $41M in funding, and on Passport you can watch their pitch presentation from when they only had $3M in funding. This is a success story founders want to replicate, so why not take notes on what they clearly did right? 


Waggl’s pitch is another one that impressed investors. Check out their presentation when they had $2.2M in funding - this pitch must have brought them one step closer to the $10M they now have. 

We see a lot of value in founders learning from one another, and these startup pitch videos are the perfect way to catch a glimpse into specific tactics that have lead to successful businesses. Take note of what information you find valuable in a pitch, how different communication styles translate on stage, and what pieces make the biggest impression on you. 

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